Monday, August 17, 2009

I am back!

I am back in Rome after a 2 weeks holiday in Switzerland and Austria. I am back to my books about Rome even though I managed to study a little bit up there on the cool mountains. I just signed up with Twitter and it looks like it could be another good step towards REVOLUTION. Let's keep in touch and let's get rid of the MAFIA that's running this Country. We are the majority and we shall win, the forces of goodwill will prevail. It is no surprise that berlusconi talks about "Defying the forces of evil..." when HE IS EVIL ON EARTH (as well as franceschini, d'alema, veltroni...)...The devil is ALWAYS disguised. Ah, one last word against those racist illiterates in the "lega" party who want secession and against those in the former right wing party that merged with berlusconi and suppressed their nationalistic values in the name of money and power....REVOLUTION NOW!!!!

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