Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Who's buying Berlusconi's lies?

Come on!!! You've got to be kidding...The man is a professional liar and the ones who support him are only admiring his skill to pull women (as if him being the richest man in this country had nothing to do with it!!!), lie and get away with it..."He likes to be among common people" that's what his lawyer Ghedini (a dracula lookalike if there ever was one...) he is saying. "He likes to be among pretty teenagers" that's what's obvious and EVERYONE KNOWS.
I reckon the opposition should concentrate more on the Mills trial and say: "He so obviously lying about this Noemi affair that he must have HUMONGOUSLY lied about the MUCH MORE SERIOUS Mills affair....Let's have a deeper look at the facts about this trial".

But nobody (certainly not the hideously anacronistic Democratic Party) is saying it....

Well, I just said it here...for what it's worth.....CIAO from a semi-democratic Country....

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